Minami Ashigara Summer 2018


Introduction of Minami Ashigara:

Minami Ashigara is located in the western part of Kanagawa prefecture, which is made up of 9 other towns including the famous hot spring paradise Hakone and popular beach resort of Odawara. Despite being situated just one hour away from Tokyo, it is surrounded by mountains and blessed with rich nature. 

Learning Points:

  • Learn about the town’s charms and challenges together with local high school students and other university students.

  • Learn about permaculture- the integration of agriculture into the city in order to make it sustainable and self sufficient.

  • Explore the possibilities of growing permaculture in Minami Ashigara.

  • Engage in workshops with different stakeholders to discuss about the challenges the city faces and brainstorm solutions together.

  • Discuss the principles and ideas of sustainability and how they are adapted to the complex reality.

  • Discover how innovative solutions to problems caused by population decline, aging population and tourism require an integration of social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability.

Participation Fee: ¥20,000

Participation fee covers accommodation, meals, workshop materials and workshop experience.

* Transportation to Minami Ashigara is NOT covered.

***The participation fee above does not include tax. The actual participation fee will include 8% tax.

General Flow of Application Process:

Application Period: May 14 ~ June 15, 2018

Interview: June 18 ~ June 24, 2018

Announcement of Results: June 30, 2018

Pre-Trip Gathering: July 21 or July 22 (TBC)

Program Dates: 8/17 ~ 8/19

* The program schedules and requirements are subject to change without advanced notice. More information will be given to you during the interview.

Minami Ashigara.png

Photos of Last Year's Activities in Minami Ashigara